EP Fellowship Program within Asia-Pacific Region

The Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society offers a training fellowship to provide an opportunity for clinical training in the field of arrhythmias and cardiac pacing in an APHRS regular member country. The society inaugurated this program under the financial support from Medtronic (since 2014) and Abbott (since 2017). The goal of this award is to help young candidates attain clinical competence and acquire high quality experience in electrophysiology practice which will enable them to contribute to improving academic standards on return to their own country. 



Christopher Wong Australia Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia
Shinsuke Iwai Japan Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia
Ahmad Suhaimi Mustafa Malaysia National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita, Indonesia
Ankit Jain India Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan
Ahmad Zahoor Khan Pakistan Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan 
An (An Khanh Nu) Ton Vietnam TBC



Chrishan Nalliah Australia Westmead Hospital, Sydney, Australia
Wei-Chieh Lee Taiwan Hokkaido University Hospital, Japan
Jit Beng Ng Malaysia National Heart Centre Singapore
Uy Yorn Cambodia Korea University Anam Hospital, Korea
Nguyen Van Dang Vietnam Korea University Anam Hospital, Korea 
Anadaroop Lahiri India Flinders University, Australia



Doni Friadi Indonesia Korea University Medical Center Anam Hospital
Myo Han Myanmar National Heart Centre Singapore
Simon Salim Indonesia Taipei Veterans General Hospital



Maria Blance A. De Guzman Philippines National Heart Centre Singapore
Atul S. Prabhu India Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Mukund A. Prabhu India Royal Melbourne Hospital, Australia



Kashif Khokhar New Zealand Royal Adelaide Hospital, Australia
Rohit Walia India Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taiwan
Le Vo Kien Vietnam National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Japan

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