APHRS Interventional EP Curriculum 2020 - AF Module

Sep 2020 E-learning

APHRS Interventional EP Curriculum 2020 - AF Module 

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Course Information (PDF)

Item  Agenda Speaker  Mins  Format
Opening Welcome & Introduction Dr. Ming Long Chen Video
Session 1 - Reassessing the Basics             
Lesson 1 Anatomy Relevant to AF Ablation

Dr. Balbir Singh



Lesson 2 AF Mechanism, Guidelines and Patient Selection Dr. Xue Bin Li  30 Video
Session 2 - Paroxysmal AF Ablation
Lesson 3 How to Prepare the First AF Case Dr Gang Yang 45 Video
Lesson 4 Step by Step Approach to do AF PVI: How to Generate Long-Lasting Efficient PVI

Dr. Gang Yang (Host)

Dr Chen Yang Jiang

Dr. Xue Bin Li

Dr. Hui Nan Pak



12 Sep (Sat), 10am SGT

Webinar Recap


Lession 5       How to Reduce Paroxysmal AF Recurrence and Improve Ablation Efficiency Dr. Ming Long Chen 30 Video
Session 3 - Persistent AF Management
Lesson 6 Step by Step by Step Approach to do Persistent AF Ablation

Dr. Xue Bin Li (Host)

Dr. Balbir Singh

Dr. Chen Yang Jiang

Dr. Ming Long Chen

Dr. Gang Yang



19 Sep (Sat), 9am SGT

Webinar Recap

Lesson 7 Case in a Box I: Clinical Outcomes of Optimized Workflow in Persistent AF Dr. John Day                               30  Video
Lesson 8 Redo AF Management Dr. Shih Ann Chen 30 Video
Lesson 9 Case in a Box II: Case-based Discussion: AT/AFL Post AF Ablation Dr. Chi Keong Ching 30 Video
Session 4 - Complication Management
Lesson 10 AF Complication Prevention and Management Dr. Chen Yang Jiang    30  Video

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